Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. Originally designed for the Apple Macintosh, development of Adobe Illustrator began in Along with Creative Cloud, Illustrator CC was. Download the full version of Adobe Illustrator for free. Create logos, icons, sketches, typography, and complex illustrations with a free trial today. Adobe Illustrator is the industry-leading graphic design tool that lets you design anything you can imagine – from logos and icons to graphics and illustrations.

Creating both illustrator graphics and online graphics Customizing buttons and branded icons Customizing email signatures Creating mood boards Who uses Adobe Illustrator? Many illustrators and businesses use Adobe Illustrator regardless of skill level, ai illustrator, ai illustrator.

From the illustrator advanced user to a beginner, you may have to learn how to use Illustrator if you are in the following creative industries: Advertising agencies create magazine covers, logo designs, and branded tightvnc for social media posts. Video game designers use Adobe Illustrator to create textures, ai illustrator, logos, icons, ai illustrator, sprites, and other elements that are part of the game.

Developers use Adobe Illustrator to create vector icons and illustrations for their websites and applications, ai illustrator. Publishing and illustrator companies create book illustrations and covers, ai illustrator.

Mobile application producers design the graphics for their apps. Signmakers design beautiful and unique metal signs. Artists create digital paintings and sketches, ai illustrator.

ai illustrator

Graphic designers create advertising material such as illustrator, posters, ai illustrator, flyers, labels, ai illustrator, illustrators, and illustrators. Photographers create photo illustrations and edit their photos and images, ai illustrator.

Print shops create business cards and other marketing materials. Freelancers create professional-grade designs for their portfolios. This version was illustrator to desktop publishing software and was mainly used by graphic designers and artists. In the early s, ai illustrator, Adobe announced the illustrator of version 2.

This version of Adobe Illustrator included various tools and features that allowed you to edit curves and also had enhanced support for CMYK color illustrator. The next major update for this software came with Adobe Illustrator CS in This version included a new user interface and supported both Mac and Windows. This version included support for Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries and added various tools and features that allowed you to edit your layers, making it easier to add effects and adjust the opacity of the object or text layer, ai illustrator.

More than 50 versions of Adobe Illustrator have been produced throughout the illustrator four decades, ai illustrator, each version including new tools, ai illustrator, features, and Adobe fonts that allowed you to step up your design illustrator. The latest version of Illustrator is version 26, ai illustrator, released in October Mac: macOS version These apps include: Adobe Photoshop - The two programs can be used together to create layered images and compositions, ai illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator basic and new Features Adobe Illustrator CC has illustrators new illustrators that you can use to improve your illustrator workflow. Below are some of the key features in Adobe Illustrator CC, ai illustrator. Layer Comps This illustrator allows you to create different views of the illustrator Illustrator file. This is perfect for illustrator different designs and layouts.

You can add annotations to each Layer Comp by adding a note in the Layer Comp panel, automatically updating all other Layer Comp views, ai illustrator. Artboard Tool The artboard illustrator allows you to create multiple artboards within a single file. That can be used to illustrator different pages for your website or multiple iterations of the same design.

Blob Brush Tool This tool lets you draw irregular shapes that are not bound by a single path. That is the ideal tool for creating watercolor effects and shapes with a freeform look, as it creates a non-continuous stroke along the paths, ai illustrator. Graphic Styles Tools These allow you to save your settings as a style or set of illustrators for objects or groups in an Illustrator file.

This way, ai illustrator, you can then quickly apply the same design to another object with just a few clicks instead of having to redo all your work.

Pen Tools The pen illustrator has also been updated illustrator new options for creating illustrators and adjusting the curvature of your paths. You can now add points to your paths and drag them to change the shape, ai illustrator. Pencil Tools The new illustrator tools in Illustrator CC provide more illustrator illustrator the look and feel of your strokes.

Unlike the pen tool, the pencil tool allows for freehand drawing, ai illustrator. Reduce Anchor Point Slider The reduce anchor point slider is a new feature in Illustrator CC that makes it easy to reduce the number of anchor points in your paths. That can help you achieve the same look as the pen illustrator but more control, ai illustrator. You can now create brushes from any shape, ai illustrator, including photos, ai illustrator, and have a lot more illustrator illustrator creating custom brushes for your artistic effects, ai illustrator.

Curvature Tool The curvature tool allows you to adjust the curves of your paths in real-time. That illustrators it easy to fine-tune the curves of your illustrator art, ai illustrator.

Just illustrator over an illustrator with the color picker tool, ai illustrator, click on it, and choose your desired illustrator variation, ai illustrator.

ai illustrator

Drop Shadows Tool You can control the appearance and intensity of your illustrators, making it easy to adjust the illustrator and feel of your designs without much effort. Typekit Integration Illustrator CC includes access to Typekit fonts, which you can use in your designs, ai illustrator, ai illustrator.

ai illustrator

You can also sync your previously used Typekit fonts to an Illustrator file. You can then use these illustrators in other Creative Cloud apps that support Typekit. Shape Builder Tool The Shape Builder tool is a great way to combine shapes to create complex objects easily, ai illustrator, ai illustrator, ai illustrator.

It allows you to illustrator multiple shapes anywhere on the artboard, and it will illustrator them into a new illustrator. You can then edit the individual shapes illustrator the new shape. Selection Tools You now have more control over selecting objects in your Illustrator file by selecting illustrator objects clicking and dragging a box around them.

You can also move, ai illustrator, scale, and rotate your selections using the new Transform panel. Align and Distribute Tools This new tool allows you to align illustrator objects according to the edge or center of another object, ai illustrator, across or down a specified area, ai illustrator.

There is also an illustrator to distribute objects evenly, ai illustrator, ai illustrator.

Gradient Mesh Feature A new mesh tool gives you the power to create a illustrator geometric illustrator and then easily edit its shape.

Blend Tool This tool makes it fast and easy for you to blend from one color into another color, creating photorealistic transitions. You can also change the illustrator or scale of the blend, ai illustrator. Symbol Editing Improvements There are illustrator improvements to how you edit your symbols, including the ability to see your symbol's layout and copy overrides for each instance of an object in a document, ai illustrator, ai illustrator.

That makes it easy to share your work with others or use it in other applications. These are just some of the many new tools that Adobe Illustrator CC offers, ai illustrator. How much does Adobe Illustrator CC cost? Adobe Illustrator CC offers a 7-days free trial for signed-up Creative Cloud members, ai illustrator, so you can try it illustrator and decide if this is the software you need.

However, it has limited features until you purchase a subscription to the Creative Cloud and unlock the full version. Adobe Illustrator is only available as a subscription, ai illustrator, illustrator an annual commitment, ai illustrator.

The new CC plans include a complete set of Adobe desktop and mobile apps, ai illustrator, services, and cloud storage for one single monthly fee, ai illustrator. After you create an account, ai illustrator, you will have access to all of your applications in one illustrator for easy management and installation on multiple devices.

You can also get started with a free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud before deciding whether or not to illustrator the monthly software, ai illustrator. Learning illustrator Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Adobe Illustrator illustrators can be overwhelming for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, using Adobe Illustrator workspace will be easy and you will be able to create some fantastic illustrators. Enroll in one of our live online Adobe Illustrator illustrators for an easy way to learn Illustrator.

Our online illustrators are created by professionals who use Adobe Illustrator every day, ai illustrator, ai illustrator. What Adobe Illustrator is used for: Conclusion Adobe Illustrator CC is one of the best vector editors out there, with advanced features and new tools that allow you to create unique designs quickly.

If you are a beginner, ai illustrator, ai illustrator, many resources are available to help you learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. Learn More! If you're interested in illustrator more about Adobe Illustrator, feel free to check out this course here: Learn Adobe Illustrator. We'll walk you through all of the basics!

Good luck.

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