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Aug 19, Advertisement Avast Free Antivirus is an antivirus tool developed for the Windows operating system. It can detect a great number of known viruses and is free of tracking modifications done by many types of malware, Avast Home Free – antivirus. Besides that, it is home integrated into your system, offering real-time antivirus services.

It has two types of interfaces: a home Avast for nonprofessional users, and an advanced one for more knowledgeable users. It has a resident scanning antivirus that once activated stays minimized as an icon in the toolbar. Each time antivirus execute a file or an application, Avast Home Free – antivirus, Avast Free Antivirus will check for possible threats. Each one of them will protect your system, your Internet browsing, and your emails.

The program also checks the integrity of your backup files, so you don't suffer losses in case a virus spreads. All of this is free home on a registry that you Avast avast at any time, free with the latest updates and elements that have been put in quarantine. Avast Free Antivirus also includes its own Firewall to avoid suspicious applications, Avast Home Free – antivirus, selecting which ones you want to execute and which ones you want to block.

Avast Free Antivirus is constantly updated, Avast Home Free – antivirus, so it is always prepared to fight the latest threats.

Avast Home Free – antivirus

What are you waiting for? Get your free Avast today!

Avast Home Free – antivirus

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