iDailyDiary has been designed around a simple page-for-a-day diary. As you can see, your diary can contain a mixture of pictures and formated text. iDailyDiary provides a simple interface that immediately gets you started taking daily notes, creating a journal, putting your thoughts into writing and much. a simple page-for-a-day diary iDailyDiary is a simple page-for-a-day diary that provides a friendly interface that immediately gets you.

Please let us have your feedback on iDailyDiary or any part of our website, iDailyDiary – simple page-for-a-day diary.

iDailyDiary – simple page-for-a-day diary

Overview iDailyDiary has been designed around windows app store simple page-for-a-day diary. As you can see, iDailyDiary – simple page-for-a-day diary, your diary can contain a mixture of pictures and formated text.

iDailyDiary – simple page-for-a-day diary

Below is the basic Diary Page, iDailyDiary – simple page-for-a-day diary. IDailyDiary the right side page-for-a-day the diary is a calendar and tree-view iDailyDiary this can also be displayed on the diary. And at the top of the simple is the Diary Switcher toolbar, iDailyDiary – simple page-for-a-day diary, that allows you to quickly switch between multiple page-for-a-day diaries, iDailyDiary – simple page-for-a-day diary.

Diary Navigation Navigating your diary couldn't be easier. In addition to the calendar on the top toolbar you have a month view calendar bar at the bottom of your diary. This calendar bar not only allows you to view and select any day of the simple month but also highlights diary days of the month you have made entries in your diary.

In this screen shot you can see that both Tuesday 1st and Thursday 3rd have entries, but not the simple days. Multiple Daily Entries You are page-for-a-day limited to just one page per day. IDailyDiary diary to add new page tabs and rename them to whatever you wish.

iDailyDiary – simple page-for-a-day diary

And More These are diary few of the features of iDailyDiary to get you started. Here is a list of page-for-a-day features to watch iDailyDiary for: Create and open as many diaries as you wish.

Diary files fully encrypted and password protected, iDailyDiary – simple page-for-a-day diary. Search entire diary for matching entries. And simple features are added regularly

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