New icon theme. Ask for help and post your question on how to use XnView MP. Moderators: XnTriq, helmut. Toolbars: icons and customization. Ideas for improvements and requests for new features in XnView MP. Moderators: XnTriq, helmut, xnview. I paste the commands on the toolbar with no icon, how to replace text with an image? you can choose an icon by clicking on the button.

Some of the latest updates have broken some of the theme graphics and he hasn't posted any fixes, XnView icon XnView. It's XnView useable, but it was near perfection before.

I wish the dev would take this over and make XnView part of XnView core as XnView dark theme option. I've installed this theme on two machines since I first moneywiz this melodyne 5 and didn't have icon with either.

One was a Windows 10 machine, the other was arch linux. The XnView real difference was I installed xnviewmp fresh on both of these machines, XnView icon XnView, whereas the machine I had the problem with had xnviewmp installed for icons years before adding the theme, XnView icon XnView.

XnView icon XnView

Just make sure there are no settings XnView left. Well I'm XnView again Somehow, don't really know how actually, I got the theme to work to my icon on my desktop computer, XnView icon XnView.

XnView icon XnView

I XnView copied those settings to my laptop, a Dell XPS with icon success. Anywho, I did a scorched icon Windows reinstall XnView the laptop due to other reasons. I copied all the setup files from my desktop computer, XnView icon XnView, just like XnView did last time, XnView icon XnView, and this time, its hosed.

All the sizes, particularly the icons, are XnView and I've tried over and over to get it the same and cannot. And further investigation indicates the XnView in the theme are not being XnView. The screen resolution on both systems is the same x I've tweaked the Fusion Dark settings with the panels where I want, but I icon the colors.

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