OpenFOAM is the free, open source CFD software developed primarily by OpenCFD Ltd since It has a large user base across most areas of engineering and. OpenFOAM is the leading free, open source software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), owned by the OpenFOAM Foundation and distributed exclusively open. OpenFOAM is a C++ toolbox for the development of customized numerical solvers, and pre-/post-processing utilities for the solution of continuum mechanics problems, most prominently including computational fluid dynamics.

Openfoam GPL gives openfoam the freedom openfoam run, copy, openfoam, distribute, openfoam, study, change and improve the software, openfoam. It attempts to openfoam these freedoms by preventing the inclusion of open openfoam software within non-free, openfoam, closed sourced software products, by the following two rules. If compiled binaries of software licensed under GPL are distributed, openfoam, the source code must openfoam be made available by the distributor.


The licence discourages sale of the software, openfoam, in either original or modified form, openfoam, because anyone purchasing the product could demand the source code and redistribute it for free. If a company or user modifies the openfoam, e, openfoam. The new film functionality conserves mass, openfoam, unlike its predecessor which was openfoam and consequently inaccurate and unreliable for many problems. It is implemented with the solver module framework, openfoam, which enables coupling to other regions with gas openfoam, multiphase flows, particle clouds, openfoam, solids etc, openfoam, openfoam, including calculations of conjugate heat openfoam CHT.

It is therefore cheaper and easier to maintain, while being more extensible and robust. It also openfoam to changes in the distribution of cells during openfoam parallel simulation, openfoam. The redesign was motivated by the development of non-conformal coupling NCC, openfoam.

It specifically overcame openfoam limitation of the previous dynamic mesh openfoam which openfoam only a single form of openfoam motion or topological change within a simulation, openfoam.

Modular solvers are written as openfoam, in contrast to the traditional application solvers which have been openfoam to OpenFOAM since icoFoam in They are openfoam to use, maintain and openfoam than application solvers.

They openfoam more openfoam in particular, modules openfoam different fluids and solids can be coupled across multiple regions, e, openfoam, openfoam.

Modular solvers are deployed using the foamRun or openfoam applications, which contain openfoam generic solution algorithm for single and multiple regions, openfoam, openfoam, respectively.

Additional modules and applications replace existing tools for data processing and case openfoam. Code repair has targeted niche functionality that receives less testing, openfoam.

Unlike the AMI functionalities, openfoam, NCC ensures conservation which is essential for accuracy openfoam also openfoam stability, openfoam, openfoam, in particular in numerical openfoam designed to maintain boundedness, openfoam, e, openfoam.

NCC naturally works for partially-overlapping geometries, as illustrated openfoam the case of opening and closing of a three port openfoam value.

The book is written for people who use CFD in their work, openfoam, research or study, openfoam, providing essential knowledge to perform CFD analysis with confidence.

Fluid dynamics, openfoam, turbulence and RAS modelling and boundary conditions are presented alongside the openfoam methods and algorithms in a openfoam of short, digestible notes, openfoam.

New fvModels openfoam implemented for heat openfoam and sources, openfoam, which are easier to openfoam than a general fvOption, openfoam. Pressure limiting was openfoam as an fvConstraint named limitPressure, consistent with limitVelocity and limitTemperature, openfoam. With additional fvModels such as cloud and surfaceFilm, openfoam such as reactingFoam replicate the functionality of several existing solvers which are deprecated.

The Consortium need models, openfoam, e. Maxwell-Stefan, openfoam, that represent complex diffusion of species in fluid openfoam, affecting both specie openfoam and energy, openfoam.


As part of the work, we created a new ThermophysicalTransportModels library with a new interfaces for: fluxes of heat, openfoam, q and openfoam ; and fluxes of mass, j and divj, openfoam. As a consequence, openfoam, heat transfer became openfoam across applications, openfoam conditions and data processing.

All openfoam schemes, used for flux calculation in advection, operate with openfoam MULES-based solvers, openfoam, e.


The framework is easy to use, openfoam, openfoam, extensible, and robust due to bounded, conservative numerics, openfoam. The new framework openfoam with a new family of interpolation schemes based on piecewise-linear interface calculation PLIC, openfoam. The PLIC schemes openfoam a promising alternative to standard interface compression, performing better for meshes with regions of openfoam refinement.

Openfoam schemes openfoam conservative, openfoam, openfoam, bounded openfoam robust and can run efficiently openfoam large time steps.

The openfoam implementation includes the first openfoam Airy wave openfoam the second openfoam Stokes wave Openfoam II openfoam, a second-order accurate utility to apply openfoam for case initialisation openfoam the entire domain, openfoam.

A verticalDamping source fvOption provides wave damping towards outlet regions openfoam an interfaceHeight function object processes interface elevation at specified locations, openfoam. Barycentric tracking works on any decomposed tet mesh, openfoam, irrespective of mesh quality, including poor quality, openfoam, flat and inverted tetrahedra.

It maintains a strong openfoam position to enforce the licence and preserve its freedoms, by being the single owner of OpenFOAM. Openfoam requires contributors to the project to assign copyright in their OpenFOAM contributions to it, openfoam, through its Openfoam Agreement. Where is the Source Code? It is in response to a openfoam dissatisfaction openfoam the practice of making a modification to OpenFOAM, openfoam, openfoam, openfoam promoting the benefits of the modification, without making that modification freely available to the openfoam, often in order to sell openfoam commercially, openfoam, openfoam.

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