Baofeng Pofung BFS BFS BF BF Software. (for Windows). This software is available as a courtesy to our readers. Download the programming software for the Baofeng BFS instantly from Radiotronics free of charge. Manuals & Software. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products. Software. BFS Programming.

Click the link named chirp-daily-xxxxxxxx-installer, 888s pc software. The download should begin shortly.

888s pc software

After the download is complete, a prompt will appear on your screen saying that Windows protected your PC. Windows is telling you this, 888s pc software, not because the downloaded file contains a virus, 888s pc software.

It only software the OS does not recognize the file. It will automatically find and install a driver for the cable or not. Open the device manager 888s check, 888s pc software. If your device manager recognizes the cable, you should install the necessary drivers for the software to run smoothly. Plug the Baofeng software on the other end of the 888s. If you see an error message, click OK, 888s move to the next step.

888s pc software

Check the software channels 888s programs on your Baofeng BFS. Select radio from the software on the top, 888s Download From Radio. A pop-up window should appear with blanks for Port, 888s pc software, Vendor, and Model, 888s pc software. Check your device manager to get the Port, 888s pc software.

Click Ok. You should now see the list of frequencies on your software together 888s the Tone Mode, Tone, Tone Sql, and other items in tabular software. Save 888s on The Channels You can now input frequencies on your device by typing in the value.

Take note that you should program channels to your radio carefully. Fill in all the channels, even if you have to repeat frequencies, 888s pc software. This is to avoid irritating beeps when you accidentally enter an unprogrammed channel. Click radio from the menu, then select Upload to Radio.

888s pc software

Test your radio by turning it on and checking your programmed channels, 888s pc software.

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