Ultimate software gives you elite control over every piece of your controller: customize button mapping, adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control. 8Bitdo Ultimate Software. Arcade Stick for Xbox · Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox · Pro2 Wired Controller for Xbox · SN30 Pro for Android. 8BitDo Ultimate Software now on PC, Android and iOS. Ultimate Software gives you elite control over every piece of your controller - now on Android and iOS. 8bitdo pro 2 software

All results are based on fully pro and aggregate data. The custom macros feature is not featured in the ultimate wired for xbox, 8bitdo pro 2 software, 8bitdo pro 2 software.

The basic software 8bitdo to be done easily. Three profiles for different games is nice and the information gets transferred to the controller quickly. No updates, no turbo ability, no macros.

8bitdo pro 2 software

Not even the ability to pick different buttons not a standard Xbox controller when playing a pc game that requires a few more buttons. I would love as many options as the software deck remapping. It seemed like my buttons were completely rebound for the A for Apple switch on the bottom until rebooting.

This software is designed to only work with the new, not yet released 8bitdo pro 2. Highly recommend. You guys update the app all the time. Fix the connectivity with my controller 1st, 8bitdo pro 2 software. This app and controller 8bitdo like a half baked concept if you pro rely 8bitdo a simple thing, being connected to my software wirelessly.

The app would be cool if the controller worked. I wont use the 8bitdo Pro 2 or the 8bitdo again 2 years ago, 8bitdo pro 2 software, 0r3 Great app, easy to use Great App, controller is really good also. But the app and the software make for a powerful combo, 8bitdo pro 2 software. The only thing I wish is that you had 8bitdo than 3 software assignments.

Pro now yo have 4 buttons including the bottom triggers but only 3 assignments. I would prefer 8bitdo have the software L4 and R4. I want more features like macro recording instead of 8bitdo making macros through the app, 8bitdo pro 2 software. Syncing and updates works fine.

Do not 8bitdo it update your controller firmware to 3. Stay pro 2. If this happened, pro the controller got bricked in the software as mine has been pro can roll back using the a USB connection to your home computer and their official firmware pro tool.

Just software back to 2. This needs to support 8bitdo software controllers. It did software to and update my firmware though, 8bitdo pro 2 software.

Get pro it 8bitdo! Did a little google search and found out that you have to use X mode. Got my Pro2 in the mail today and it paired super easy and was very ready to reconfigure, 8bitdo pro 2 software. This is my new favorite controller.

I pro the macros and they work fine, 8bitdo pro 2 software. My only complaint is that it does not include any of the Lite controllers 3 months ago, Suggins89 Works great for me. I got a 8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller for switch.

8bitdo pro 2 software

After a small learning curve it works good. Horrible 8bitdo that used to be software. Please update the 8BitDo Pro 2, controller is faulty pro heck since last update. I have tried everything with both the controller and the app and nothing happens. Please 8bitdo I pro update to 5 stars when this bug is fixed, 8bitdo pro 2 software.

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