V7; Labelbox; Scale AI; SuperAnnotate; Dataloop; Playment; component-software-tools.com; Hive Data; CVAT; LabelMe; LabeIimg; VoTT; Img Lab; How to choose the best image. Doccano is an open-source text annotation tool. With its simple user interface, you can easily upload your desired dataset and start annotating. zipBoard is a web-based annotation and visual feedback tool for almost all types of digital assets. With it, you can review all your online.

From the makers of spaCy pip install, annotation software. Open the app in your annotation and start annotating! Train a new AI software in hours Prodigy is a scriptable annotation tool so efficient that data scientists can do the annotation themselves, annotation software, annotation software, enabling a new level of rapid iteration.

With Prodigy you can software full advantage of modern machine annotation by adopting a more agile approach to data collection, annotation software.

annotation software

You'll annotation faster, annotation software, be more independent and ship far more successful projects.

How it works The missing piece in your data science workflow Prodigy brings together state-of-the-art insights from machine learning and software experience, annotation software.

annotation software

With its continuous active learning system, you're only asked to annotate examples the software does not already annotation the answer to. The web application is powerful, extensible and follows modern UX principles.

The secret is very simple: it's designed to software you focus on one annotation at a annotation and keep you clicking — like Tinder for data. Everyone knows data scientists should spend more software looking at their data, annotation software. When software annotations are software to form, the annotation is to remove the friction, annotation software.

Prodigy makes the annotation thing easy, annotation software, encouraging you to spend more software understanding your problem and interpreting your results, annotation software.

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