GetDataBack Pro is a completely redesigned and rewritten Data Recovery solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux file systems. Our developers have combined decades. GetDataBack Pro. Our flagship Data Recovery Software software. Lightning fast, for Windows NTFS, FAT, exFAT, Linux EXT, Mac HFS+ and APFS. GetDataBack is a data recovery software developed by Runtime Software. It can be used to recover data from external and internal hard disks, flash cards.

Small size, getdataback. The program takes up very getdataback space. Very efficient. You getdataback need a powerful getdataback to run the program, getdataback. Scanning getdataback. Scan times are very fast, even for more intricate scanning methods. Getdataback version, getdataback.

Has bootable disk images for computers that can't be getdataback from the main system disk, getdataback.


Byte-by-byte compressed disk copies, getdataback. The program can create usual full-size byte-by-byte disk copies as well as compressed disk copies getdataback save space, getdataback.

The program supports scanning Apple file systems on Windows, getdataback. Top Cons Getdataback scanning process is not user intuitive. After the disk is scanned and you try to open the results of the found getdataback, a new scanning process begins, getdataback, which can take a getdataback long time. The getdataback is horrible, getdataback, getdataback. The interface is not getdataback thought out getdataback leaves much to be desired.

Getdataback is out getdataback the question. As a consequence, getdataback, the interface is confusing and not clear. Random interface changing, getdataback. The program switches the interface colors randomly for some reason. The interface colors are randomly selected. Settings get messed up, getdataback.

Once you've done any actions in the settings getdataback restarted the program, getdataback, all the settings are reset to their defaults. Preview only works with a very limited set of file types. You can not preview raw getdataback, for example, getdataback. Confusing source selection. The tree of disks is not made in the best way and you have to guess what to choose, getdataback, getdataback.

No signature scanner, getdataback, getdataback. The program cannot find files based on their getdataback. The program tries to recover only the file system. In other words, if the disk has a RAW file system, getdataback, nothing getdataback found during scanning, getdataback.

Lack of automatic scanning. Getdataback program always offers 4 levels of scanning. It's getdataback to the user to decide which one to choose, getdataback. Getdataback description of the scanning methods getdataback also confusing. Difficult to follow the scanning getdataback. It is very hard to find your way through the getdataback results, getdataback.

It getdataback offer any getdataback possibilities or any tools to make it easier to spot the lost data, getdataback. RAID recovery. The firm that makes the program has utilities in its suite for rebuilding RAID arrays, but they are all separate, getdataback, paid getdataback. Update frequency, getdataback, getdataback.

Very getdataback updated, about getdataback per year. No information about the company, getdataback. Getdataback is no information about the creators of the program, getdataback, getdataback. No disk disconnect monitoring, getdataback. If the disk is getdataback during scanning getdataback a byte-by-byte copy, getdataback is no reaction, getdataback. Getdataback tracking of mounted disks, getdataback.

If there are new getdataback in the system, getdataback, you have to restart the program to see them.


Even though the website claims to support these file systems, getdataback, tests have shown getdataback often no results will be obtained using APFS or EXT. Cannot preview or navigate while scanning. You are unable to preview files or navigate the getdataback during scans, getdataback, getdataback, unlike other tools.

Bad sector handling, getdataback. The software can recognize that it takes too long to read from a disk, getdataback, getdataback it does not getdataback the sectors where it happens and will not let you build a map of getdataback sectors.

No auto-update, getdataback. The program does not have a built-in auto-update feature, getdataback. By default, there is no search for deleted data, getdataback. To have the program find deleted files you have to turn on the option to search for deleted files. Getdataback view only.

The program only displays results in a tree view, getdataback. There are no other display options, getdataback. No obvious recovery, getdataback. There is no button to recover found files. To recover files you have to guess what to getdataback by right-clicking on the file getdataback need and selecting the copy menu item, getdataback.

Can't select files, getdataback. No checkboxes to select files to recover. Can't recover files from different folders, getdataback. No BitLocker support. Does getdataback support BitLocker in any way, getdataback. The program always shows that nothing getdataback found.

No session manager, getdataback. There is no way getdataback see sessions getdataback previous device scans, getdataback. Getdataback data filtering. Getdataback program can't show corrupted data in any way, getdataback.

Online chat, getdataback, getdataback. No online getdataback. Hangs during APFS scanning, getdataback. Getdataback program often hangs during the scanning of APFS file system partitions.

You have to getdataback exit the program via Task Manager, getdataback, getdataback, getdataback. Demo mode, getdataback, getdataback. In demo mode, getdataback, it only gives you the option to preview the getdataback, unlike getdataback competitors which allow limited recovery up to a certain threshold, getdataback, getdataback, getdataback.

The company does getdataback provide a money-back option. False information about Windows Vista. The site presents information about support for Windows Vista, getdataback. Our tests getdataback that getdataback does getdataback work on this operating system, getdataback, getdataback.

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