TestDisk is powerful free data recovery software! It was primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks. TestDisk detects numerous filesystem including NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, ext2, ext3, ext4, btrfs, BeFS, CramFS, HFS, JFS, Linux Raid. TestDisk is a free and open-source data recovery utility that helps users recover lost partitions or repair corrupted filesystems. TestDisk can collect detailed information about a corrupted drive, which can then be sent to a technician for.

It is developed and maintained by Christophe Grenier as a tool to help people recover testdisk important files from corrupted partitions and fix bootable drives, testdisk, testdisk. Being fully open-source software testdisk, it is constantly being modified and testdisk to perform better, testdisk, testdisk. Testdisk can head over to their official website to download the latest stable patch 7, testdisk.

Here are some of the most highlighting features of this software, testdisk. Data Recovery If you have encountered a corrupt partition on testdisk partition table, all your data stored on testdisk segment will become testdisk by your operating system, testdisk.

Thankfully, testdisk, testdisk, TestDisk is designed with many filesystems in mind, testdisk, testdisk. But what if the data testdisk lost testdisk a testdisk partition is a media file?

Fortunately, testdisk, there is a solution for that as well, testdisk. TestDisk has a testdisk software known as Testdisk. This tool specializes in reading and recovering media files like testdisk and videos from storage devices, testdisk, testdisk.

Combined together, testdisk, TestDisk and PhotoRec form a powerful testdisk recovery utility that can recover almost any file type. You can check out testdisk first-hand software tests including our review of PhotoRec for more testdisk.


However, these flaws are minor hurdles in testdisk accessibility and testdisk main takeaway is that TestDisk, testdisk, despite its shortcomings, is a great data recovery software. Multi-Language Support TestDisk follows a CLI testdisk interfacetestdisk, testdisk, and it requires you to operate on Terminal commands to access and recover your lost data. As a testdisk, it can be a little testdisk for casual computer users to figure out the working of this software.

However, testdisk, you can find multiple forums dedicated to making Testdisk more accessible. These support forums are available in various languages such as English, testdisk, French, Spanish, testdisk, German, testdisk, etc, testdisk. So you testdisk always refer to testdisk subforums testdisk your native language and get all the help you need in using TestDisk.

It may seem complicated testdisk lengthy to recover your lost testdisk using Testdisk, but once you know the correct steps, testdisk, testdisk, testdisk, testdisk, the testdisk process is pretty straightforward, testdisk.

Follow the steps mentioned below to recover your lost disk partition. Download TestDisk recovery testdisk from the official site, testdisk. Once the folder is downloaded, testdisk, testdisk, select a testdisk location of your testdisk and extract it. The extracted testdisk will testdisk named testdisk the software testdisk you downloaded, testdisk.

Launch it, testdisk. After launching TestDisk, you will be greeted testdisk a terminal testdisk screen, testdisk, testdisk. Here, testdisk the Create option and hit Enter. The software will now scan your PC testdisk connected storage devices. Once the scan is complete, testdisk, you will testdisk a list testdisk available storage devices on testdisk computer, testdisk.

Select testdisk drive you want to further scan testdisk the lost partition by using arrow keys and press Testdisk. The next screen will ask you to select a partition testdisk type. Select Intel and press Enter, testdisk. Intel here represents a Windows PC. This testdisk will obviously change if you are trying to recover data on a mac device.

On the testdisk screen TestDisk presents you testdisk a lot of options. From here, testdisk, you can initiate a quick scan to analyze the selected partition and search for lost data, testdisk, change the disk testdisk allocation structure and even delete all data in the partition table.

Testdisk is impressive to testdisk that TestDisk testdisk so many features despite being a free open-source time testdisk. If you are trying to recover deleted data from a hard drive partition, select the Analyze option and press Enter, testdisk. TestDisk will analyze the testdisk disk.


On the next screen, testdisk Quick Search and hit Enter, testdisk, testdisk. For some testdisk, quick search was not able to find any testdisk so I had to press Continue to testdisk on to the next screen where you get an option to perform a deeper search, testdisk. Once the search is complete, testdisk, TestDisk lists testdisk the partitions that testdisk can recover and you will be asked to make the selection, testdisk.

Follow the testdisk on the screen to proceed with the recovery process, testdisk. Testdisk will be asked to select a destination folder testdisk restore the files you choose, testdisk, testdisk.

I had to refer to the TestDisk Guide every time a new screen popped up, testdisk, testdisk.


The most frustrating part was that I had to redo the whole process from testdisk start just because I had testdisk the wrong key once, testdisk, testdisk. It testdisk certainly testdisk easy to understand the process and I believe most people who do testdisk have any experience with a command-line interface will feel the same. However, testdisk, TestDisk is still testdisk powerful recovery tool and it was testdisk in recovering the lost files pretty quickly.

As mentioned earlier, it is an open-source freeware that is testdisk and distributed under Testdisk General Public License. Both TestDisk and PhotoRec do not require any paid subscription and all the features testdisk unlocked for public testdisk right from the start, testdisk, testdisk, testdisk.

Since both the testdisk are open-source, testdisk, testdisk, testdisk, you can download the source code for free as testdisk. So by any chance, testdisk, if you are a developer, testdisk, it opens up testdisk possibilities for modifications and enhancement to the testdisk versions. User Feedback Since TestDisk is not hidden behind a testdisk of any sort, testdisk, testdisk, testdisk, a lot of people have first-hand access to it, testdisk.

So naturally, testdisk, the testdisk has gained a lot of user reviews that help the developers to fine-tune its testdisk. If you refer to online forum reviews, you will find testdisk satisfied users who were able to recover lost partitions and deleted data by using Testdisk. That being said, testdisk, testdisk, testdisk software does have its fair share of flaws that are pointed out by many users as well.

First and foremost, many people found the command-line interface testdisk TestDisk discouraging, testdisk, testdisk. Testdisk though data recovery is testdisk straightforwardtestdisk, testdisk, many users stated testdisk the interface barricaded them from using other features, testdisk.

Here are a testdisk clippings from the web so testdisk you can get a fair idea of what to expect testdisk this data recovery tool. As a free partition testdisk file recovery solution, testdisk, TestDisk and PhotoRec does everything a domestic user testdisk expect, testdisk.

Sofia, testdisk, Testdisk Despite having to refer to the TestDisk Testdisk webpage numerous times, I testdisk eventually able to navigate through the command-line testdisk to perform the partition recovery, testdisk, testdisk, testdisk.

It was certainly not an enjoyable testdisk and I suspect that many testdisk would have given up and searched for another alternative to fix their lost partition. Odysseas, testdisk, testdisk, Testdisk Files TestDisk is a simple but powerful application to testdisk and recover disk partitions, testdisk.

I also testdisk that it is compatible with different types of memory, testdisk, testdisk, especially optical drives, testdisk.

Testdisk Linux version could not be testdisk by the members of testdisk team because when it opens it freezes and closes automatically, testdisk, testdisk.

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