This is my new Shell Pack with BricoPack installor! Longhorn Inspirat Shell Pack is a complete custom shell pack for all Windows XP. Gant 2 Ocean Shell Pack - made by is a simple overlay which can completely change the look of our desktop. Application has ready wallpapers. Download locations for Universal Vista Inspirat Brico Pack Ultimate 2 , Downloads: , Size: MB. An update for Vista Inspirat Brico Pack.

BricoPacks you make a purchase using shells on our pack, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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BricoPacks – shell packs

If you are tired of the monotonous packs of Windows XP and even jealous of your friend's Windows Vista, BricoPacks – shell packs, then there are some easy ways you can transform your Windows XP visually to something that is more appealing and interesting.

We have selected some of the shell software that can change the visuals of Windows XP entirely into something more appealing and interesting. Editor's BricoPacks These "theme packs" BricoPacks automatically make a large number of changes to your system, including hacking Windows to enable custom themes.

You should make sure you have backed up your pack before attempting any of these, BricoPacks – shell packs, and they aren't for everybody -- advanced shell tweakers only, BricoPacks – shell packs.

BricoPacks – shell packs

After using this pack enhancement to modify your Windows interface to look like Windows Vista, BricoPacks – shell packs, no one will notice that you're using the same old Windows XP operating pack. That's great!

The current available Version 8. Since this software is a visual enhancement, BricoPacks will greatly BricoPacks your PC's performance, if you don't mind lagging your PC shell a shell, this is the best visual enhancement you could find, BricoPacks – shell packs. The main updated features of this software are: Added TrueTransparency 0.

BricoPacks – shell packs

Boot screen New msstyles files visual styles New desktop and file icons New toolbar icons, BricoPacks – shell packs.

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