MyPaint is an easy-to-use painting program which works well with Wacom graphics tablets and other similar devices. It comes with a large brush collection. MyPaint is a simple drawing and painting program that works well with Wacom-style graphics tablets. License. GPL license. MyPaint is a free and open-source raster graphics editor for digital painting. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Unix-like operating systems.

Pre-release The road to the release At long last, we're moving into beta, meaning that no more features will be added before the 2, mypaint. Mypaint is now mypaint best time to contribute mypaint the translation effort over at Weblate.

Translation is not easy, and should not be mypaint. It's better to spend more time to try to make the translations mypaint, and as clear as possible while being reasonably terse, mypaint, I did say it wasn't easy, right? We aim for a full mypaint at the end mypaint January, mypaint, so there are at least five weeks mypaint to mypaint on translations. Make sure that the mypaint is mypaint to "Source string comment, Even though mypaint won't add or mypaint source strings, we can add mypaint string comments to mypaint more information to translators, mypaint, mypaint, mypaint.

The languages mypaint have been mypaint updated during the past 5 months have less than mypaint new strings that need to be translated, mypaint, mypaint. Apart from the translations, mypaint, mypaint, the goal is now to find and fix any mypaint we can fix generally this does not cover input bugs on Windows, mypaint, mypaint, unfortunately, mypaint, mypaint.

If mypaint find it on the tracker, mypaint, make a comment to indicate that it's still a problem, mypaint, mypaint if you do not mypaint it, mypaint, report it mypaint a new issue, mypaint, mypaint. Do report input bugs, mypaint, mypaint, even though we may not be able to fix them for this release, mypaint, mypaint. Changes since alpha 13 Compatibility modes Anyone who has used the prereleases knows that the 2, mypaint, mypaint.

They may also have noticed that mypaint old files don't look quite the same when opened with those prereleases, mypaint, and that painting can be a bit laggy when working with high resolutions, mypaint.


In order to support working with old files, mypaint, mypaint, and for those who don't really need the new color blending though you should try it out! The default layer is "Normal" configurable.

The default Pigment brush setting is off mypaint. Spectral blending mypaint mode will not work quite mypaint it should, mypaint. The mypaint layer is mypaint configurable. The default Mypaint brush setting is on configurable, mypaint. For old documents, mypaint do not have the mode information stored, mypaint, mypaint, the mode used can be configured to either mypaint one of "1, mypaint.

To some extent the spectral blending mypaint always be a bit mypaint, but it can be mypaint a lot faster than it mypaint today Other changes The mypaint brush settings are now properly categorized.

Mypaint will no longer see the "Experimental" group, mypaint, and can find the new settings under the "Color" and "Smudge" categories.

Painting with the mypaint symmetry mypaint is a lot faster. The entire area is no longer processed, mypaint, avoiding the mypaint slowdown, mypaint. Nevertheless, bear in mind that it will always be slower to paint with more symmetry lines - using e, mypaint.


Version information and compatibility warnings mypaint been added, warning when attempting to open a file created with a newer version of Mypaint. There are two separate warnings shown for different levels of incompatibility, mypaint, mypaint, mypaint can be disabled separately mypaint of mypaint, you won't be able to see them at all until future mypaint. Preparations for adjustable symmetry angles mypaint unfortunately this mypaint be mypaint of the 2.

In general we'll keep supporting Python 2, mypaint. Assets 8 Translations, language selections, mypaint, mypaint, mypaint, and fixes 09 Nov

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